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From your hairstyle to your tailored suits and down to the socks she just had a quick peek of, she’ll be gushing about every detail she can find.

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If she’s asking you a whole host of questions, she’s most likely trying to flirt with you.

And not just that, she’s trying to see just how much you have in common.

When a girl likes you, she’ll be much more self-conscious than normal.

When you’re out together with a girl, or even if you’ve just met her in a bar, if she can’t keep her hands off you, then you’ve got her in the crosshairs.

After all, if she weren’t interested, she wouldn’t be wasting her time listening to your jokes and pick-up lines.

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A woman who likes you and wants you to know it might laugh out loud at your jokes, even the ones that aren’t really that funny.

It’s probably that they just enjoy your company and they want to compliment you with attention and laughter.

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And when she likes what she’s touching, well, you know what to do.