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Nostrils flared at that ‘silly girl’ and abrasive pen scribbles surrounded the offending ink in red lassoes.There was resolutely no subtext here – tattoos were not ‘aspirational’.Anyway, have a lovely Thursday noon, I’m running a bit late as usual, gotta catch a flight, decided in the last minute (as usual) to spend my weekend in Switzerland, see you there!I really feel like a change hair wise and if I had the nerves I would like a cut exactly like Freja above, it’s perfection to me but unfortunately I think my hair is much more curly than hers so cutting a fringe would be a hassle cause I would never use a straightener in my hair, burned hair, no thanks!Images via fashiongonerogue Vogue China pays tribute to the Danish model Freja in their August issue featuring model Tao Okamoto, photographed by Lachlan Bailey.Beautiful girl imitates another beautiful girl minus the tattoos, funny concept, but I think she works it.All you girls out there with straight hair I envy you!My appointment is on Saturday, don’t know if I dare though………

Thus it looks like due to the fact that she is so nice she has had relationship in the past and there were girls that could have been known as Freja Beja girlfriend at one point of their lives.When I first started working in magazines, I’d watch my editors in picture meetings poring over the beautiful photographs from lavish shoots.Suddenly, they’d all baulk with fright because a model’s tiny swallow tattoo was apparent and would now simply have to be airbrushed out.Thus it looks like it ended in a fast way and even though people that are interested in fashion should have known about their relationship they did not last.After this the former Freja Beha girlfriend got into relationship with other women in a fast way.

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Lanvin presented their Spring 2011 collection at Paris Fashion Week a couple of days ago and I find this collection pretty close to perfection.

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