Freesexgirls sexlive chat

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Freesexgirls sexlive chat

Just to confirm i am working in office 2003 and currently not running in debug mode.

Screen Updating = True End Sub Sub Sheet Print Out() Dim a Doc As Document Dim b Doc As Document Dim o XL2 As Excel.

When my macro runs i get a message Word is updating the field codes in the document.

Then place the names of travel expenses in say D5 and training expenses in F5.

Once the forms are opened the formfields are then updated and the forms are printed off.

Sub Update() Dim Title As String Dim frm Title As User Form1 Dim o Story As Range Application.

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What happens though is that the screenupdating works for the excel part, it then when it gets to word for opening the forms, shows opening the forms and a message appears on the status bar, stating word is updating fields in the current document.

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Sub Update Story Ranges(Current Doc As Document) 'Loop to update the main body of the document Application.

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