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In fact, most of it’s users use it for an average of 10 minutes each day so you know that they love it!Tinder is really designed for anyone and they aim to please all manner of people whether you are gay or straight, looking for a threesome or even after a group to spend a night out on the town with.But there are actually a lot of hook up apps that you can use completely for free. For many people Tinder remains the first pick of the bunch when it comes to free hook up apps and for good reason.

While that may sound a little scary at first they will only see what you want to do if they pick the same, and if they don’t neither of you will ever know what you suggested so there is so awkwardness next time you see them at a BBQ or party.

Clearly, this has caused a few grizzles from users in the past who wanted a little longer to make that decision so they have brought out a paid version to cater to this need. With Bumble Boost you get Beeline which lets you skip the whole swiping process and will show you a list of all the people that have already liked you so you can save time and only bother with those you know are interested.

You will also get the Rematch feature which allows you to reconnect with an expired match if no one reaches out within the 24hr timeslot.

It will then show you an idea of where you crossed paths as well as their photo, name, age and profession.

From there you can decide whether to like them, and, if its match, or crush as they call it, you can start chatting.

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They have recently added a new feature to Down too which also gives you 10 local users that you don’t know already each day to mix it up a bit. The best thing about Down is that it absolutely free and there are currently no paid upgrades meaning that you get the full range of options without needing to pay a cent.

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