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Clearly my dad didn't have any problem with it as he slobbered eagerly all over her thick manhood.

"Oh, baby, you sure know how to turn a girl like me on," Carla moaned in her thick Brazilian accent, "If you don't watch out I'm gonna cum right down your throat.

My parents split up when I was eighteen, I was a little distressed by it but we had never been as close as some.

Still, I didn't really see what had driven them apart so quickly and so thoroughly that they never even spoke any more.

Over the next few days, my obsession with Carla and her cock grew and grew until I just found myself staring longingly at her wherever she went, watching her feminine figure showed off by the tight dresses she wore and imagining that little piece of masculinity the skirts concealed.

At night I would masturbate and these days all I could picture was Carla's cock.

I couldn't stop thinking about Carla, she was on my mind constantly.Even at work in shelf stacking summer job, I was distracted all the time by my thoughts of what it would be like to stick my cock deep inside that hot Brazilian body where my dad had been before.I knew it was wrong to think that way about my stepmother but what could I do?I turned away from the bedroom door and dashed away back to my own room.Well, you would think that seeing this little, or actually rather large, extra side to the woman of my fantasies would make me stop thinking of her like that and certainly, that was what I thought when I got back to my room.

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