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Robin had found Tina, the older sister of a one-time favorite student named Eric.She was 23 and had recently broken an engagement to a man who turned out to be already married.Tina showed up in little more than a bra and a miniskirt, as if to say that she didnt plan to waste time with chitchat.

She was a wild and loose woman and she knew him to be a skirt-chaser.

Harmon Brubaker knew that his fiancée, Robin Cawdor, was a slut by nature.

That didnt bother him, any more than his being a skirt-chaser bothered her.

While the girls focused on tangling their tongues, Harmon slipped on a condom and prepared to enter Tinas pussy. Tina was happy to follow that instruction, moving her tongue between Robins cheeks while Harmon explored her cunt with his mouth.

What he didnt count on was her decision to spread her ass cheeks and offer him the chance to fuck her there. He sucked on her clit and made her wetter every minute that he did so.

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There would be plenty of one-on-one attention after the baby was born and they had little time for any other kind of sex.

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