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In February, 16 men showed up for such a sting in Missouri and 20 showed up in Detroit.

The sensational reports have irked some communities, which have accused the group and the TV stations of endangering local children by bringing sexual predators into their neighborhoods.

They followed him back to his minivan, berating him for soliciting sex with a minor and filming his hasty retreat.

Battaglia's undercover operatives arrested 27 men in 2003 who arranged to meet police decoys posing as children, a misdemeanor that carries a three-year prison sentence in California and requires those convicted to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.

Although the men listed on the Perverted Justice website are mercilessly hectored by the group's supporters, few have been charged with a crime.

Nevertheless, the site says this public humiliation is enough to keep many perverts offline.

On a national scale, the problem is far larger than law enforcement agencies can handle – each month, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children receives more than 300 reports of sexual enticement of children over the Internet.

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Among the men – and two women – busted by the group are a wrestling promoter, a high-school teacher and a registered sex offender.