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View your sexts as the preview for what will happen once you’re at home.” After all, the internet is forever. “Even if you’re sexting with the most respectful individual in the world, there’s always a chance someone else may see your message or photo—even if by accident.” She has a point.“I’m not suggesting you censor yourself, just make sure you stand by everything you’re saying, that it’s a good representation of yourself, and that it wouldn’t totally ruin your life should it get out.” One of the most essential rules of sexting?I for one, believe in challenging the predators that haunt us and the systems that fail us. Read More This piece was submitted to our 100K Stories Project by an author who wishes to remain anonymous.This powerful statement is what she shared in court, addressing the sexual assault that shattered her world, and the person who sexually assaulted her. In fact, something something that’s not so graphic can have a bigger impact.“A simple text that you wish you were lying next to your lover isn’t particularly racy, but can be the perfect pick-me-up in the midst of a long work day.” Experts say it’s really time for the misconception that sexting is only for younger people to be put to rest. It’s great for people over 40 who want to add a little spice to a long-term relationship, or for a newer relationship where you’re dating and have some commitment.” You’re not trying to write an erotic short story here, so keep it short and sweet.

“Sexting should be a two-way conversation, so you want to make sure that the person on the other end of the text has the time and interest to enjoy and respond.” Not really feeling it anyway?“Pay attention to what autocorrect is doing so you don’t trigger a mood-killing sexting fail,” says Scott Valdez, founder of Vi DA.On a similar note, double check everything, but especially the “to:” field, before you let the message go off into the ether. Everyone’s doing it—and not just the younger generations who were practically born with a cellphone in hand.One study found that 88 percent of participants (ages 18 to 82!

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