Free hookupfinder webcam

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Free hookupfinder webcam

The owners of Be Naughty should BE thrown in jail and shut down for perpetrating such a cruel and despicable fraud. We will certainly look further into your query and use your feedback to improve our service.

The site is over its server capacity, spams you with lots of pop-ups & is a waste of time and money. We will certainly look further into your query and use your feedback to improve our service.Should you have any other suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us again. It doesn't matter what time of day it is or where you live. And that's after you've gone through 4 screens of having to convince them you really do want to cancel. Call their BS number and get the email confirmation that your recurrent billing is cancelled.When you get on this site, you'll have a dozen women messaging you and liking you... Never mind that you haven't posted a pic or written two words about yourself. You'll be amazed there were this many unbelievably hot women in your town! But what was that the guy said near the end of the call about transferring the balance of your membership to this other *premium* website they offer? THEN immediately call your bank and let them know that you cancelled with the "merchant" but you have reason to believe they might be a tad shady and you want to block any future recurring charges.And then if you don't want to continue with that, just call *that* number?? Your bank will take care of this over the phone and block them for a long time - mine was 40 months.Get a confirmation number from your bank and hang on to that worthless email in case all else fails and you have to request a chargeback.

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Rule of thumb for dealing with any dating or hook ups over the internet, if something doesn't usually happen in real life, it will not happen on the internet either.