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Have you, or do you know of anyone who has ever, considered making a furry dating sim with girls like Krystal, Carmelita Fox, Renamon and others where you play like a normal dating sim but you could possibly end up with up to three girlfriends/ sex partners at once if you play your cards right?This isn't my strong suit but I can do things like come up with Dialogue and such.Examples of this are: The PUBA segmented dating world in which you can travel between multiple rooms and have brief conversations with the main characters. Strengthen your personal relationships and find that strength translates into your battles together.These conversations affect their affection towards you, the story, and the combat. Get to know and romance them but be wary of leaving the strength of your other teammates behind!don’t want to build up expectations, but i think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

This makes it best to pledge at the beginning of the month to avoid being charged back to back.

there’s so much that goes into building games and I’d love to create a home for those passionate about their craft. The short term goal is being able to work on Uncommon Breed and similar games full time.

Current Project At the moment, I’m working on the RPG / Visual Novel, Uncommon Breed.

This is patreons way of helping alleviate content theft and helps your exclusive rewards remain exclusive! Twitter Breed VNPatron download link:https://io/uncommon-breed/patreon-accessible Looking alright so far.

I hope you'll soon add an identity to the player character, so that he's not just a heart icon in combat.

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