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They tend to be unsure if whether or not they are able to take on such a heavy burden in another person.Some people may be concerned about the level of trust or potential of relapse, but they must understand that addiction is a lifelong battle.‘My rehab ended and I couldn’t get her out of my mind.They began dating officially in January 2014, by which time she had also left rehab.Melissa ended up drifting apart from her family due to her addiction, which resulted in her moving out.Her family told her she could come back to them if she went to rehab.They ended up staying sober for months before meeting each other. Despite completing his treatments in October 2013, Cody couldn’t get Melissa out of his mind and asked his friend, who was still in rehab, to pass her number to him.‘I saw Melissa in rehab and basically fell in love on the spot, but she had no idea who I was,’ said Cody.

Medical biller, Melissa Kreutz, 30, from California, USA, was just 15 when she fell into alcohol addiction.‘I have struggled with self-love and abandonment issues my whole life and looked to booze and men to help me heal – that lead to years of self-destructive behaviour.‘Before finding sobriety I held such a deep self-loathing; I believed I would never accomplish anything and that I was a selfish human being who was meant to die an alcoholic’s death.So she went to her doctor, who was astonished by her excessive drinking, even telling her that he had never seen anyone as young as her that consumed so much alcohol.Front desk manager, Cody, 38, was raised Mormon but he had developed an addiction to opioids that resulted in him lying, stealing and starting to hate himself.

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You will learn how to be true to your emotions and communicate in a more positive manner. Recovering addicts have learned and accepted not to judge themselves or other people harshly, as they understand the lowest depths of life; they are realistic.