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Flinders petrie dating method

Having thus laid the foundation for all future work in Levantine archaeology, he returned to Egypt, where he excavated for the next thirty years.His second period in Palestine, 1927-1942, was at the end of his career.Although this is a misleading image of archaeology today, in its early years the discipline really was more like treasure hunting than science.

Is the Predynastic culture misrepresented or is sequence dating accurately representing the history of that time.

Piazzi Smyth, he went to Egypt in 1880 to survey the pyramids of Gizeh.

Petrie's measurements proved that Piazzi Smyth's theories were based on a logical fallacy, but he had become 'hooked' on the archaeology of Egypt.

Flinders Petrie came up with the sequence dating method which relatively dated material.

The lecture led me to discuss how Petrie came up with his method.

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