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But its discovery in 1938 by a South African museum curator on a local fishing trawler fascinated the world.” The coelacanth’s discoverer, Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer, was the astute curator of East London Museum in South Africa.She had made known to the local fishermen her desire to see unusual specimens. Smith, a chemistry professor and ichthyologist at Rhodes University in nearby Grahamstown, are archived on NOVA’s website.The mistake of declaring a fish dead that really wasn’t is not itself a major error.Evolutionists, however, commit an enormous scientific blunder by fabricating oxymoronic “living fossil” or “survivor in waiting” rescuing devices to save their theories.“Although I had come prepared, that first sight [of the fish] hit me like a white-hot blast and made me feel shaky and queer, my body tingled,” he wrote in Evidently, scientists themselves can have strong emotional attachments to their worldviews.

Worse yet, since she was living but officially thought of as dead, in evolutionary terms she was like a living fossil—a creature considered extinct that suddenly turns up alive.Living Fossils: Fixing a Problem of Too Much Time Judy had her problems, but living fossils cause their own troubles for evolutionists.In his review of a new book about such creatures, science writer Colin Barras observed “that peculiarly oxymoronic moniker, too, has survived—for around 150 years.”, does indeed sound like an oxymoron.NOVA described his first encounter with the fish, which had been preserved by taxidermy.It had been nearly two months since the fish had come ashore, but that only made Smith’s initial sighting of it all the more miraculous.

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Just like the mental constructs used for Piltdown Man and “whale hips,” the fatally flawed notion of living fossils leads to blunder upon blunder—some minor and others with major conceptual problems.

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