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Film vieo sex

John rushes to Graham's apartment, suddenly hits him and then locks him out of the house. In the video, Ann says she has never felt any kind of 'satisfaction' from sex.After Graham asks if she ever thinks of having sex with other men, she admits she has thought of Graham.

Graham confesses that he is haunted by Elizabeth, and that his motivation in returning to Baton Rouge is an attempt to achieve some closure.When John arrives home, Graham's demeanor becomes remarkably more guarded, due in large part to John's subtle disapproval of Graham's bohemian persona.The men discuss the fact that Graham's college girlfriend, Elizabeth, is still living in Baton Rouge.John is cheating on Ann with her sister, Cynthia, a free-spirited and friendly bartender. John frequently leaves his law office mid-day to meet for trysts with Cynthia, instructing his secretary to reschedule clients, even when they are already in the lobby waiting to see him. After Graham finds a place, Ann makes an impromptu visit to Graham's apartment.While visiting she notices stacks of camcorder videotapes, all with women's names on them around the television.

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