Fig tree christian dating perth

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Fig tree christian dating perth

He asserts that the giant bird or the double-headed eagle placed on top of the town pillars i.e.

axis mundi, represents the metaphysical sun which reflects the light of the Celestial Glory behind it.

Its double-headed version is present on a seal of Urdun (2450-2250 B.

C.) behind the throne of god Ningirsu.(3) According to Langdon, the double-headed eagle is a characteristic symbol of the twin-god (Sun-God), for the Sun-god had a double character.

Why did Jesus teach almost exclusively in parable form?

Because they can reach into the heart of someone and touch them in a way that other teaching methods cannot.

Modern day parables are a fantastic way to relate to others about your faith. The teachings of Jesus are crammed full of parables.

In fact, if Jesus was teaching, there is a very good chance that he was probably telling a parable.

Now that we've established that parables are effective, what does that mean to you?It became a symbol of the Sun- War- and Irrigation-god Ninurta after subdued by him in a gigantic conflict.Imdugud or Zu was the monstrous version of the eagle, a symbol of the Sun-god and was represented on artifacts as a lion-headed eagle.Would you like a stuffy old teacher that reads straight out of the text book? I'll give you a minute to consider the possibilities.Or would you rather have a cool, fresh, teacher that relates to you on a personal level? Obviously the second choice is the most appealing one for 99.99% of the people in the world.

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