Fender vibro champ silverface dating

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Fender vibro champ silverface dating

We are not experts on everything and therefore cannot properly test items we don’t have a good working knowledge of. The length of the cord is a little over 7 feet long total. I've been on e Bay for 14 years and have a 100% feedback rating. The chrome panel is very nice, with only minor rust, and the lettering is in good condition.

Please pay attention to the auction description to find out what is included in the auction. I took several photos so that you can see the condition and features, but feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer them. This amp is all original except for the electrolytic capacitors. The new capacitors were inserted into the old casings to maintain the vintage look. The original 2 prong cable was replaced with a heavy duty grounded 3 prong cable. The original tubes that were swapped out are included as well. No unusual hum or noise- it is totally ready to play.

The amp has been bench-checked and play tested and sounds great! This amp is all original condition, including; the speaker, transformers, General Electric tubes, Astron capacitors, and all other resistors, wiring, etc. The original speaker is nice and tight, and does not exhibit even the slightest symptoms of fatigue. Please note, any shipments valued more than 0.00 will require a signature for delivery confirmation* All items returned must accompany all original packaging and paperwork. There is some wear, to be expected of a 45 y/o anp. I'm am selling off my collection of vintage guitar amps. Ebay and paypal get fees for our shipping, a portion of my shipping price is to pay those fees. My time is limited so please only ask for shipping quotes if you have serious intentions. You are more than welcome to once you’ve won the auction. Tweed has darkened in color over the years but remains in good shape with no major marks/tears. 1 replacement resistor-replacement grounded power cord At Top 40 Guitars our customer’s satisfaction is our first concern. This is a very clean and, as far as I can tell, original unaltered amp. There are a few slight tears in the tolex(see pictures) The chassis has been professionally reinforced. The tubes were replaced and it was completely tested to insure proper functionality.Vibro Champs produced in 1982 have a black control panel and silver sparkle grill cloth.Vintage Gibson Skylark 1484 Twin Twelve Showman Blackface Sears Silvertone 1484 Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve 1484 Tube Sears Silvertone Twin Twelve Fender Deluxe Reverb Blackface Twin Twelve Guitar Silverface Tube Guitar Amp Ab763 Fender Champ Silverface Vintage 1X12 Tube Fender Vibro Champ Tube Twin Twelve Tube Guitar Harmonica Amp Amplifier Pre-Cbs Skylark Tube Vox Berkeley Vibro Champ Tube Silvertone 1482 Reverb Vintage Blackface Tube Fender Bandmaster Reverb Fender Vibro Champ Blackface Harmonica Tube Univox Tube Pre-Cbs Blackface Gibson Skylark Harmonica Amp Blackface Ab763 Silvertone 1482 Tube Vintage Tube Guitar Amplifier Speaker Harmonica Amplifier Fender Bassman Bandmaster Fender Bassman Ab165 Vibro Champ Tube Amp Rvt Tube Fender Super Reverb Blackface Tweed Champ 5F1 Blackface Bassman Champ Blackface Bassman Bandmaster Champ Tube Guitar Amp Silvertone 1481 Gibson Ga-5 Amp Head Blackface Gretsch Valco Vintage Fender Vibrolux Reverb Vibro Champ Silverface Fender Champ 5F1 Skylark Guitar Champ Tube Amp Amplifier Reverb Drip Edge Sears Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve 1968 Fender Bassman Silverface Drip Edge Fender Twin Reverb Silverface 1965 Fender Bassman Fender Bandmaster Head Vintage Guitar Amp Project Vintage Ampeg Portaflex Tremolux Amp Silvertone 1484 Fender Princeton Reverb Blackface Silvertone Twin Twelve Silvertone 1482 Guitar Fender Pro Reverb Amp Bassman Showman Super Reverb Tube Showman Reverb 1964 Blackface Amplifier 1970S 1967 Fender Bassman Showman Amp Head Supro Thunderbolt Fender Princeton Tweed Fender Deluxe Reverb Amplifier National Guitar Amp 1967 Blackface Fender Twin Reverb Blackface Marshall Jmp 50 Fender Bassman Silverface Bandmaster Amp Head Valco Oahu Showman Tube Fender Musicmaster Bass Amp Reverb Electric Guitar Champ 5F1 Magnatone Custom Amp Chassis Project Gibson Ga-5 Skylark 1964 Fender Bassman Gibson Falcon Vintage Fender Dual Showman Marshall Jmp 50 Watt Vox Buckingham Amp Late Reverb Vibrato Twin Twelve Suitcase Amp Fender Dual Showman Fender Vibrolux Reverb Amp Fender Tweed Champ Amp 1964 Fender Princeton Fender Reverb Unit Fender Princeton Tube Steel Guitar Amplifier Fender Bassman 50 Suitcase Guitar 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb Silverface Tube Amp Gibson Skylark Ga-5T Vox Super Beatle Showman Guitar Panel Tweed Harmony Tube Marshall Jmp 100 Bandmaster Showman Head Blackface Fender Pro Reverb Twin Reverb Tube Vintage Fender Pro Tweed Champ Fender Princeton Reverb Amplifier Super Beatle Reverb Amp Chassis Fender Super Reverb Amplifier 1968 Fender Bandmaster Bassman 50'S Vintage Fender Princeton Reverb Fender Vibrolux Reverb Fender Blackface Bassman Piggyback Tube Tremolo Tube Amp Gibson Ga-20 Fender Pro Amp Magnatone Amplifier 1966 Fender Bassman Fender Oxford Fender Showman Amp Ampeg Gemini Silvertone 1483 1968 Fender Super Reverb Reverb Tremelo Ampeg Reverberocket 1966 Ampeg Showman Amp Bandmaster Guitar Vintage Acoustic Control Tweed Deluxe Vox Super Fender Bassman 100 Amplifier Late Oxford Speaker Champ Electric Guitar Fender Harvard 1966 Fender Princeton Tweed Pro Vibro Champ Amp Fender Vibrolux Reverb Blackface Inch Alnico Speaker Amplifier Danelectro 1950'S Valco Fender Vibro Champ Guitar Amplifier Champ Silverface Princeton Deluxe Super Reverb Guitar Vintage Sano Fender Tweed Bassman Jbl's D130f 1965 Supro Silverface Tube Fender Tremolux Ampeg Jet Fender Twin Reverb Guitar Suitcase Amplifier Tweed Bassman Fender Tweed Champ 1965 Fender Super Reverb Silvertone 1481 Tube 1965 Fender Blackface Fender Twin Reverb Amp 1967 Ampeg Magnatone Amp Danelectro Tube Guitar Amplifier Clean Bassman 100 Princeton Reverb Tube Amplifier Killer Ampeg Portaflex Fender Deluxe Reverb Silverface Bandmaster Reverb Amp 1965 Blackface Fender Tweed Amplifier Guitar Harmonica Fender Concert Amp Super Reverb Amp 1960'S Ampeg Amplifier Circa Reverb Cabinet 823. It will also be shipped with insurance in the total amount of the sale. $ 7 9 to Canada- $ 9 9 to Europe- $ 1 4 9 to: South America/Australia/New Zealand/Spain/Portugal/Middle East/Asia/Africa/Chinain the preamp provide a classic American tone. International buyers, payment must be made via Bank Wire Transfer ONLY! Original tube covers included, cabs are solid and all is sold as is. Has seen only light studio use the last 6 years or so of it's life with no issues. It does a great job of modeling a Fender 60s-70's tube sound! All packages will have delivery confirmation and tracking. Original speaker was blown and has been replaced with a handmade USA Ted Weber signature alnico- considered to be the best champ type replacement speakers available. AUCTION INCLUDES: Vintage 1977 Fender Champ Tube Combo Amp Silverface Amplifier ONLY as pictured.This item comes to us Previously owned- Used and Sold As Shown Inspection Report: Up for auction i s a vintage Fe n der 5D1 tube amp. I'll be putting dozens of small amps up on Ebay, please come back and check them out. I will tell you honestly from a player's perspective that I would simply love to record an entire album with just this amplifier and a few choice guitars. Lacquered tweed covering, WIDE PANEL rear mounted controls and a leather handle. Most people just carried them by the handle until they fell a part.Item has been tested and a mp powers on and can be played thro ugh however there was some sho ck when I pulled the cord(that was attached to the guitar) from the amp. I'd use single coils for something cleaner and when you want to crank up the woman tone you just throw some humbuckers at it and abracadabra. This amp is warm and clear while played gently and easily turns into a snarling tube monster when it's pushed. This 5C1 features a single 6S17 preamp tube, a single 6V6GT power amp tube and a 5Y3GT tube rectifier. Speaker code: 395325( 23rd Week of 1953) Ink Stamp reads: CL = 1953 December Serial# 6480. Amazingly tight, and only has a few rough spots, which give it a very nice vintage look. But whoever owned this amp stopped doing it and carried it by the bottom because even the parts of the handle that attach to the amp are in good shape. The only part changed on this amp is the fuse case.

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This amp powers up with no issues and operates with low noise. Some wear on the handle and tolex but overall fairly clean. Comments: Fantastic example of a drip edge Fender Champ. International buyers please contact me for a shipping quote before bidding as shipping to some countries can be very expensive. Put a good mic in front of it, plug in, crank it up and nobody will know you didn't drag the half stack into the studio. The Champ is a great amp for pretty much any style of music; the simple circuit doesn't excessively color the guitar's tone so if it's clean you want this is it. Otherwise the return will be rejected and refund will not be given.

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