Fear of commitment dating

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Fear of commitment dating

You may think you have every reason to stall commitment, but you have to remember that you’re hurting your lover and leaving them confused with your actions. But as time goes by, both lovers start to drift just a little bit.

But yet, no lover ever talks about it because they don’t want to hurt their partner’s feelings!

Do you find yourself using any of these 10 reasons *excuses*? But you’re not cheating on your lover with someone else right now, are you?

If you’re happy in the arms of your lover today, why does the idea of living with them for a lifetime scare you? No one can promise you that you will surely have a happy ending. But here’s something you need to keep in mind, your happiness and romantic happy endings are almost always in your own hands.

But more often than not, most people aren’t really afraid of long term relationships. There’s something about holy matrimony and “till death do us part” that shoves cold feet under our torso, and makes us question the longevity of the relationship.

The survival of your relationship and your commitment If you’re in a long term relationship that’s lasted at least a few years, it’s obvious that the idea of the next stage of marriage will eventually enter your head. If you feel any emotion other than some form of happiness when you think of marrying your lover, you’re probably suffering from the fear of commitment. Romance needs to evolve or one of you may get attracted to someone else.

If it starts to stagnate, it’s definitely a red alert for your love life. The reason behind your fear of commitment can be summed in one sentence. You may be afraid of change, you may be unsure of what could happen in the future, or it could be just about any other reason associated with change. You don’t want a new unpredictable change in your life because you’re afraid you may not like the change.

To define it, the fear of commitment is the fear of entering into a long term relationship or the fear of getting married.[Read: The best way to give space in love and grow as individuals] #10 Is she/he the one?Are you still uncertain about whether this person is the one for you?The past can hurt you and haunt you, but that’s no excuse to stagnate in your new relationship or feel insecure about it.Take baby steps, one step at a time, until you feel confident and secure about your new lover. At first, lovers cling to each other and want to be with each other every second of every day.

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[Read: Ultimatums in a relationship and how to understand them] Ask yourself what you really want, swallow your ego and your pride, and take a decision.

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