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Below we have included the Estimated Earnings and Return Calculator to illustrate how analysts are presently viewing this company.

Specifically, the calculator uses the consensus median estimates from analysts reporting to S&P Capital IQ for the next four fiscal years along with a long-term growth rate.

We didn’t know when this time would come, but rest assured it was coming. Would you avoid shares of Wells Fargo like the plague or last year’s trend?

We believe that most people would – or updated for the present, most people would have avoided Wells Fargo had they known what was coming.

In observing the yearly dividends, it’s clear that a dramatic cut took place.

Yet the patient investor still would have seen their dividend grow by over 8% per annum in total.

Moreover, this price decline wasn’t necessarily going to be capricious in nature as Wells Fargo’s earnings would also drop by roughly 75% for the year.Here we see that Wells Fargo had total returns of “only” 10.4% against the S%P 500’s result of 16% per annum.Granted this represents a decently sized gap, but keep in mind it’s the only example in the past 18 rolling periods.Now some might point to this as a “cherry picked” example whereby the return results happened to oust the index returns.In reality, it’s actually much more difficult to find a period where shares of Wells Fargo underperformed the index rather than outperformed.