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Guys like to sweet talk the girls they are interested in.

Unlike shallow people, a serious guy will give you sincere compliments.

Some 17 years ago, when internet dating was popular but still kind of embarrassing to talk about, I interviewed an author who was particularly bullish on the practice.

Millions of people, he said, have found gratifying relationships online.

Boundaries are important especially in a relationship that is just starting to blossom. He will never fail to give you a compliment or two and he will never forget to hit you up at least once a day to talk to you.

He won’t mind the slow pace for he knows that good things come to those who wait! Consistency in a guy is important because this is one way to see his efforts. It is such a simple question that can be interpreted in so many ways.

But no worries, there are always signs to look out for in order to know if the guy you are chatting up online likes you! Many guys make it quite clear when they show interest in the girls they meet online.

This complication is what usually leads to misunderstandings and sometimes even to falling out. If the guy truly likes you then he would not wait for six hours and then give you a reply.

Everyone likes a good impression and so he wants to leave an impressive mark on you.

As it is in the pros and cons of modern romances, one can never truly tell the sincerity of the other person at the end of the screen.

Though, do not forget to set limitations upon yourself – that is to never divulge any personal or private information. The guy does not need to be a stand-up comedian for him to try and make you laugh!

Take it slowly first and get to know each other part by part by asking friendly questions. Most guys use their sense of humor to let the girls they like know that they actually like them.

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