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Hi5 Frequently reported as being one of the world’s top social networks between 2006-2008, Hi5 offered simple functionality which proved extremely popular.

In 2009 though, possibly due to Facebook’s growth, the company switched direction and focused on becoming a social gaming platform.

Such was its success and position at the time, a million offer from Google was declined in 2003. Myspace soon built a larger user base, Facebook and Twitter followed shortly after, and Friendster soon had to change direction.

A Church, tree house, a cinema, derelict building, bunker, rainforest, waterfalls, cave, subterranean bar and even a military dormitory can all be found within one office space created for a private client!

The concept for the offices was to design a space that inspired creativity, created a feeling of awe when guests visited the offices and reflect the clients slogan of being “the biggest party on earth”.

Known for being more adult themed than its competitors, using slang across the site and featuring risqué images on the homepage, trouble loomed in 2008.

3 males were sent to jail for sexual abuse of an underage user they met through the site.

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Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this nostalgia trip, as these networks have played a key role within the story of the social media industry.