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The nasal scales are bigger and thicker than those of the remainder of the body.

Before the cloaca stand the 6-10 pores of the precloacal (or preanal glands) that produce a secretion involved in the odorous signalling.

The mouth, surmounted by the rounded snout used for digging the soil, is armed by robust and sharp teeth, capable of a powerful bite.

The skull is rigid and compact and is utilized to make holes in the ground.

Already from the birth they are capable to perform the already described defensive behavior.

Conservation is not considered as an endangered species and is not reported in the IUCN lists, even if in future might occur some problem due to the use, done by some populations of South America, of parts of the body of the amphisbaena as remedies for flu, diarrhea, cancer, AIDS and more.

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The number of the pores is one of the characters utilized to identify the various species of the amphisbaenids. Zoogeography lives in the rainy forests of South America and of the Caribbean, in particular is present in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guyana, Surinam, French Guyana, Brazil, Peru and Trinidad (not in Tobago), St. Habitat and behaviour is a nocturnal animal half-blind, highly specialized for the fossorial life and spends most of its time excavating the soil, similarly to what done by the earthworms.