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Excel charts not updating

The program will find the new data and add it to the chart.

To begin to update a chart, select the "Update Charts" on the "Updating/Options" panel on the SPC for Excel Ribbon. You can select one chart, multiple charts or all charts.

The purpose of this exercise is to avoid linking at all and make it entire flexible on your own preference when you want to update your Charts and even update the Excel files before doing so.

Below is a step by step tutorial of how to setup the Charts and Macro: First we need to create a Power Point Next we need to create and name an Excel Chart.

In the previous demo Peter Kalmström, CEO and Systems Designer of Business Solutions, used the Excel Web Access web part to add an Excel chart to a landing page.

Text = Format(Now(), "YYYY-MM-DD HH: MM") 'Sleep for 1 second Do Events Sleep 1000 Next i 'End of presentation!

You can update graphs yourself, or you can have Minitab automatically update graphs. (Only available when graph is set to update automatically.) The data have changed but something prevents the update.

For example, you may have unequal column lengths or data values that are not acceptable.

See an example in this Youtube video: Before we start I want to explain that you don’t need to use the approach explained below to simply link an Excel Chart to a Power Point presentation.

If this is all you need, read this Support Office article.

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In the demo below Peter quickly repeats how the Excel chart works and is updated, and then he describes three methods for automatic update when Share Point list data is changed.

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