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Been using the xl's for a couple months tho and they sound clear and balanced._________________Current gear: KSR modded recto, ESP MIIgreat transactions w: neeklaus, type_o_neg, Rock Star Nick, sswanson, ///MK, Doom Buggi, Retrojet, Bwill81, Ampli FIRE, Mizati20, Bubbastain, colimofsmoke, crankyrayhanky, Uberschall EL34 RKnight, the rossness, battery198 alowerdeep, Tronald Dump. I ticked Ernie ball, but recently switched to d'addario as EB don't seem to have the gauge I like (11-56), for the tuning I'm in now.

Been using the xl's for a couple months tho and they sound clear and balanced.

for sexposes you may just leverage the screenspace. in dutch angles the objects of interest just coincidentally overlap with the corner thirds.

don’t pretend it’s intentional use of [email protected] Tubular B1Us, It’s kind of hard to explain, but what most people do is that their poses aren’t "balanced".

I know this is all personal preference, and I'm likely the only one this matters to... well, it doesn’t really matter for a singular character or sex poses.it’s a guide for confrontational angles or principle 2-party composite.Used to have shoeboxes full of packaging so I could get the D'Addario schwag.Ended up with a few shaker glasses and guitar straps and never redeemed the rest.

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The center of a persons gravity is from the pelvis and the pose needs be balanced around that.

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