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I quickly found ridiculous articles, full of scientific nonsense, like: Does anyone remember Robert O. He was the mail-order naturopath sent to prison for practicing medicine without a license.

He also made his name in quackery circles selling his “p H Miracle Living.” I first discovered Young eleven years ago, and, since then, I’ve discussed his extreme quackery from time to time on this blog.

Of course, one reason why I found this whole story to be curious was that I had thought that Wakefield was already married. It turns out that the Wakefields separated last year, and I didn’t know about it: A source told Mail Online that he separated from his wife Carmel in 2017 and first started seeing Elle in late 2017 after they met at an event in Orlando.

Andrew and Carmel – who is also a doctor – met in the late 1970s while training at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London.

Here, we learn that Andrew Wakefield has apparently hooked up with Elle Macpherson: ‘Living her best life: The 54-year-old appeared in good spirits as she filled up her basket with produce, with her new man in tow.’ Elle Mc Pherson is going out with anti-vaxxer ANDREW WAKEFIELD.

https://t.co/n HZAmvydit — Eva Wiseman (@Eva Wiseman) July 17, 2018 Model Elle Macpherson has been pictured kissing a former British doctor who was the driving force of the anti-vaxxer movement.

Young liked to claim that “alkalinization” is the cure for cancer, AIDS, sepsis, and a number of other conditions.

The third thought that came to mind was a bit of marvel at how well Andrew Wakefield can sense financial opportunities, how finely tuned he is to finding ways to continue to live in the manner to which he had long ago become accustomed. She appeared extensively in the fawning “documentary” about Wakefield released just in late 2017.

And it is actually newsworthy that Macpherson and Wakefield are dating: One of the core aims of the anti-vaccine movement is spreading their message far and wide with the help of celebrity support.

If the relationship lasts, Macpherson could be instrumental in introducing Wakefield and his ideas to a whole new world of monied and influential people—people who are, like her, concerned with the somewhat spongy and ever-more-profitable concept of “wellness.” You know, like Gwyneth Paltrow‘s Goop.

(Many of the links have been taken down but can still be found on ) Perhaps the most famous incident involving Young was his treatment of Kim Tinkham.

At the time she encountered Young in 2008, Tinkham had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, described as stage III, and was being urged to undergo surgery. In the end, Tinkham paid the ultimate price for her trust in Young.

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