Dutch dating habits

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Part of the shifting balance of power in the late Middle Ages meant that besides the local nobility, many of the Dutch administrators by now were not traditional aristocrats but instead stemmed from non-noble families that had risen in status over previous centuries.

By the 15th century, Brussels had thus become the de facto capital of the Seventeen Provinces.

Charles V's empire had become a worldwide empire with large American and European territories.

The latter were, however, distributed throughout Europe.

Philip sent troops to crush the rebellion and make the Netherlands once more a Catholic region.

Although failing in his attempts to introduce the Spanish Inquisition directly, the Inquisition of the Netherlands (existed until 1564) was nevertheless sufficiently harsh and arbitrary in nature to provoke fervent dislike.

which was considered a heresy by the Catholic Church and a threat to the stability of the whole hierarchical political system.

The northern provinces (Netherlands) eventually separated from the southern provinces (present-day Belgium and Luxembourg), which continued under Habsburg Spain until 1714.Flanders had long been a very wealthy region, coveted by French kings.The other regions of the Netherlands had also grown wealthy and entrepreneurial.In 1506, he became lord of the Burgundian states, among which were the Netherlands.Subsequently, in 1516, he inherited several titles, including that of King of Spain, which had become a worldwide empire with the Spanish colonization of the Americas.

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This revolt was one of the first successful secessions in Europe, and led to one of the first European republics of the modern era, the United Provinces.