Dns not updating ip addresses

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Dns not updating ip addresses

One approach would be to query your Active Directory to get a list of all computers that have statically assigned IP addresses.

This is a 2008 server so maybe that's why I can't find this setting?We can get all of the the computers in Active Directory that are running a “Windows Server” build using the following Get-ADComputer query: We could use the WMI cmdlets directly against the remote computer, but it would require all of the necessary network port access and permissions for using WMI remotely.Connecting using Win RM only requires a single network port to be opened and lets us run all other cmdlets without having to give a lot of thought to remote security and performance over the network.How can you systematically update these configurations?We can use Power Shell and Get-Wmi Instance or Get-Cim Instance (Win 8/2012 or later).

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I don't understand why a new record for this computer name doesn't overwrite the old record.

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