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According to Bowen (1978), each person has a role to play in his or her family, and each role comes with certain rules and expectations.

This system of rules and roles is known as family systems theory.

The goal for the family is stability: rules and expectations that work for all.

When the role of one member of the family changes, so do the rules and expectations.

Next, we move on to a discussion of family roles and how families evolve across the lifespan. Rowling's famous Harry Potter novels, the boy magician lives in a cupboard under the stairs.

Finally, we conclude with issues such as divorce and abuse that are important factors in the psychological health of families. His unfortunate situation is the result of his wizarding parents having been killed in a duel, causing the young Potter to be subsequently shipped off to live with his cruel aunt and uncle.

Common to each of these family forms is commitment, caring, and close emotional ties—which are increasingly the defining characteristics of family (Benokraitis, 2015).

Versions of the joint family system exist around the globe including in South Asia, Southern Europe, the South Pacific and other locations.Research from the US (Harris, 2015) and Japan (Veldkamp, 2009) finds that many pet owners consider their pets to be members of the family.Another traditional form of family is the joint family, in which three or more generations of blood relatives live in a single household or compound.Perhaps nothing is more central to the social world than the concept of family.Our families represent our earliest relationships and—often—our most enduring ones.

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Although family may not be the central theme of these wand and sorcery novels, Harry's example raises a compelling question: what, exactly, counts as family?

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