Disabled sex cams

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Disabled sex cams

Woman A: He's got to do a lot of the work, but that's about it. My clitoris is hyper-sensitive, which can be good and bad.

Too much stimulation is uncomfortable, so contrary to many women, I get more pleasure from penetration.

Woman A: Dysautonomia, which causes chronic fatigue, dehydration, fainting, and I also have an immune deficiency disease, which means I have a greater susceptibility to infections and a harder time than normal fighting them off. Woman D: I've had Ehlers-Danlos all my life, but it got a lot worse when I was 23.

How, if at all, has your disability affected the way you have sex?Honestly guys, I'm simply paralyzed, I didn't have my vagina sewn shut!Woman C: When I was using a wheelchair, people most often assumed I was not sexually active, or I was fetishized by "wheelchasers." Even my doctors were hesitant to talk about my reproductive health or contraceptives when I "had so many other things to worry about." Woman D: I think people see me as a non-sexual being.Woman D: Obviously anorexia means I have a difficult relationship with my body.I have dipped into anorexic behavior in the past and eventually managed to pull myself out by focusing on how strong my body is and all the things I can do physically.

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In this week's Sex Talk Realness, spoke with five women about their experiences with sex, dating, and living with a body that doesn't always work the way you want it to. However, I'm aware that I'm very lucky to have the use of my body and to be in good health; to be physically independent is a priceless gift.

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