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This blog defined the differences between support groups and therapy groups in their purest form, but you may discover that there are also many other types of groups out there.

There are art therapy groups and dance therapy groups.

The selection of group members is more complicated and group members are interviewed in order to make sure that the group is appropriate for the member and that the member is appropriate for the group.

Each support group may have its own set of requests that they ask of the members, but usually the commitments to a support group are minimal.

The group members are all going through a similar challenge in their life.

Having a supportive environment in which to talk about what you’re going through can greatly increase your chances of having a better outcome than someone who doesn’t receive any support.

The groups can be all male, all female or mixed gender groups.

Sometimes the more diverse the membership, the greater opportunity there is for group members to learn and grow from each other.

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Depression, anxiety, addiction, unsatisfying relationships, low self-esteem, difficulty asserting yourself; all of these difficulties can be treated and positively altered through the personal work you do in group therapy.

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