Diesel jeans model dating christopher titus

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Diesel jeans model dating christopher titus

"I think people get mad at jokes when they're not funny. If you just stood up there spewing your opinion and there is no joke, that's when people get mad.”Titus’s last comedy special, “Amerigeddon,” marked the first time he took on the world of politics.And he bashed both sides of the political spectrum in the process.“‘Amerigeddon’ was the hardest show to write for me because I'm not a political comedian,” he said.

Each of Titus’s eight previous comedy specials has its own nightmarish family theme, starting with his first, “Norman Rockwell is Bleeding.”His debut directly led to Titus’ 2000-2002 autobiographical Fox TV series, which basically told his life story in a demented-yet-humorous way.It's not about politics, it’s not about the politicians, it's about us.”In “Stories I Shouldn't Tell,” Titus talks about a multitude of personal topics, like his kids currently being estranged from him, his dad kidnapping him, and his sister’s suicide.“This happened to be about tragedy and how we all have it and how do we all deal with it,” Titus said.“If you’ve had suicide in your family, I'm trying to find a way to talk about it, to give people some ease with it.Rachel Bradley is an American comedian, actress, and producer known for her work in Special Unit, Christopher Titus: Voice in My Head, and Christopher Titus: Born with a Defect.Since her debut in 2013, she has been featured in TV series, movies and specials like Christopher Titus: The Angry Pursuit of Happiness, Christopher Titus: Amerigeddon and Christopher Titus: Born with a Defect.

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Rachel Bradley takes the stage on February 17 for a hilarious Valentine’s Comedy Show with co-headliner Kevin Bozeman.

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