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What happened to Marissa Cooper's sister and Seth Cohen's ex-girlfriend?Scroll through to find out…To marathon all four seasons of Mischa played troubled rich kid Marissa Cooper.She had a moment of hesitation and thought to herself, “Oh my goodness, what have I done?”“They had a lot of unresolved drama that they really had to work through that I wasn't privy to,” Barton said.From the very first episode, Mischa's character was getting into trouble by sneaking cigarettes and vodka while trying to maintain a squeaky clean image.Image: Warner Bros Televisionwrapped filming in 2007.

In recent years, Barton said she’s fully come to terms with the impact The O. has had.“You realize there are only handfuls of shows that people take to heart and take to their living rooms and their bedrooms at night and truly care about so deeply,” Barton said.“I'm still amazed by the fans of The O. C.’s popularity are still beloved by viewers, feeding interest in The Hills’ reboot 13 years after it first aired.“It does make me happy to see that these things are such a refuge and a fun way for people to really just disconnect and go off into Marissa Cooper land or The Hills land and, you know, enjoy that drama,” Barton said.

But her romance with Seth Cohen saw Summer's character stay on the show until it wrapped in 2007.

Mischa Barton is very aware that she’s now starring in a reality show reboot that mimics the early 2000s fictional teen drama that propelled her into stardom in the first place.“Sometimes things just feel like they’re supposed to happen,” Barton told Buzz Feed News. In fact, Barton said the meta nature of it all was one of the deciding factors in her signing the dotted line and agreeing to take part in the MTV reboot, which premiered on Monday.“The O. Barton’s journey to this full circle moment was a long one that took her on many twists and turns while dealing with intense media scrutiny and the pressure to adapt to fame at the age of 17, as well as personal struggles with addiction and mental illness.

This time, however, she wasn’t portraying the fictional Marissa Cooper: She was herself.

Barton said the experience has been very different from The O. and film projects she’s been a part of over the years.“There's no control on my end, really, as to what they're going to do in edit and what's really going to come out,” she said.

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“It sort of took me a minute to jump on board with what exactly was going on and why certain things were such triggers for people.”Following those more intense moments that Barton said “come in waves,” things do cool off and settle down.