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Only time will tell, but they are both single and allegedly dipping their toes into the dating world, so perhaps sparks will fly with someone soon.THE split of Brangelina in 2016 was one of the biggest shock divorces in Hollywood for more than a decade.Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were once America’s sweethearts.By Hollywood standards, their five-year marriage was a lifetime, and when it ended in 2005 amid rumors and then confirmation that Pitt had started dating While the ‘Brangelina’ flurry was the most tabloid-friendly reason for Aniston’s and Pitt’s divorce, it was not the only factor.

"It was in the summer of last year that Brad and Jen really reconnected, having both been through really difficult times in their relationships.In interviews, Aniston did not mention Jolie in discussions of the end of the relationship.Instead, she focused on the two following different paths. There are all these levels of growth – and when you stop growing together, that’s when the problems happen,” Aniston explained."They've had long phone conversations and have met up privately at least once in the past year, but it's all been kept hush-hush." They are on good terms and Jen reportedly decided to invite Brad to her party because he means a lot to her – even if their marriage didn't work out.” – @dailymirror I really believe that happened, and I’m so happy, I mean they’re in peace with each other, they forgave and forgot the past, they are good friends and I’m so happy for them #Jennifer Aniston #Brad Pitt #Brennifer #Golden Couple #hollywood #90s #00s A post shared by Brad Jen ❤️ (@anistonpitt) on After their divorce, both Aniston and Pitt went on to other marriages.Pitt eventually married Jolie, and the pair have six children together in all.

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While they are small, there are some signs that the two have reconnected—at least as friends.

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