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Diane mcbain dating

Connie went on to make numerous film and television appearances - including a regular co-starring role with George Burns in Wendy and Me -but experienced a slump in her showbiz career during the 1980s. In 1989 she launched her own skincare range, "Forever Spring", and subsequently built a 0 million business.

She also produced, directed and edited the documentary A Healing, which won four film festival awards.

"It was out of the question, and I can't explain why, other than to say I felt that she would have broken." Sandra was one of the brightest and most beautiful stars of the late '50s and 1960s.

She married mega-talented singer/actor Bobby Darin in 1960 and appeared with him in three movies. According to all reports, Bobby was the love of her life and his death in 1973 left her distraught.

But it was a nice line and gave me a sense of security and a feeling that everything was going to be okay. Sandra and I loved worked together." Troy and Sandra became lifelong friends, but their relationship remained platonic.

She worked extensively in movies and tv throughout the 1960s before semi-retiring to look after her family. "Troy and I got along very well [making Parrish]," she told Fantasy Femmes of Sixties Cinema author Tom Lisanti. "He was much too young when he passed." Dancer, actor and singer Joey Heatherton appeared in two movies with Troy Donahue - one in 1965, and the other 25 years later.

Today, Connie Stevens is listed among the top 500 female executives in the United States, works tirelessly for humanitarian causes, and maintains an active show biz career.

Connie Stevens was one of the last people to visit Troy prior to his fatal heart attack.

The following year, she won the role of songbird Cricket Blake in the top-rating tv series Hawaiian Eye.

She also became a box office favorite in the teen movie department, and enjoyed a successful recording career, charting number one in 1961 with the ballad, Sixteen Reasons.

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Joey made her Broadway debut in the 1959 production of The Sound of Music.