Diablo 3 updating blizzard launcher stuck

Posted by / 13-Apr-2020 22:13

Diablo 3 updating blizzard launcher stuck

There seems to be some issue with Blizzard App and somehow messing up its configuration. Nobody has made a bug report yet, but there was another update of Blizzard App today, hopefully it will be fixed with that.

I tried the ‘find game’ tool, navigated to the games folder and it started an updating process.

For example, they go to 65% and then stop downloading.

Blizzard Streaming only supports PCs running Windows Vista and up.

Hello, I’m trying to install OW through these installations (tried both): https://lutris.net/games/battlenet/ I followed the guide about the blizzard app (see the link above) However, I’m stuck when I try to install a game, I’ve got an infinite loading when installing it; see First generic question, which you problem have sorted is: do you have winehq-staging --install-recommends installed in your system? Second, there were other users experiencing this problem.

I managed to install overwatch but it looks like a fluke. I tried changing wine version, reinstalling with the overwatch script, changing the path of battlenet exe and much more.

Looks like you’ve got to get lucky to be able to install a game.

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After the 2014-01-18 patch, started failing to start.

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