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During college, Lynette was friends with Renee Perry.She admits to being a total whore in college, and she even had a threesome with two of the men from the rugby team. Huber, just as her sister arrives on Wisteria Lane; Bree agrees to a separation and asks an attractive pharmacist on a date; Susan's ex-husband...See full summary » Edie organizes a neighborhood search for Mrs.Lynette then realizes that she doesn't want a job, but she wants to stay home and look after her daughter.Lynette had a great family recipe for fried chicken. It would be so much less stressful." But this was not the case.She was mostly known for being super controlling, with a tendency to slightly berate people she holds dear to her heart, Lynette is portrayed as the neurotic, stressed and controlling housewife and mother, and is considered the "smart" one of the group.Lynette Lindquist born to Stella and mr Lindquist the eldest of three daughters, her sisters are Lydia Lindquist and Lucy Lindquist.

They go out for a date and Lynette insists she pay for the meal, however, Tom refuses this offer, but says she can pay for the next dinner.She tells him she's not looking to get married or have children, but she does like a white picket fence.After a while of being together and becoming pregnant with their first children, Preston and Porter, Tom buys Lynette her dream house on Wisteria Lane .When Penny was born, Lynette was too concerned about getting a new job that she left Penny in the car outside.Handyman Eli Scruggs gives Penny to Lynette, and she's horrified that she forgot about her daughter.

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She immediately comes back and is horrified to find they're missing. When the woman threatens to call social services, Lynette and the boys escape by attacking her.

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