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Fully immersing the food in boiling water will ensure a complete heat treatment.Blanch for the required time (Tables 1 and 2), then chill food quickly in an ice bath to stop any further cooking.Vegetables (with the exception of vine-dried beans) and meats are not recommended for sun drying.It is best to dry meats and vegetables indoors using the controlled conditions of an oven or food dehydrator.Authors: Respectively, Extension Food Technology Specialist, Department of Extension Family and Consumer Sciences; and County Program Director/Extension Home Economist, Bernalillo County Extension Office, New Mexico State University.(Print friendly PDF) Drying or dehydration—the oldest method of food preservation—is particularly successful in the hot, dry climates found in much of New Mexico.Quite simply, drying removes moisture from food, and moisture is necessary for the bacterial growth that eventually causes spoilage.Successful dehydration depends upon a slow, steady heat supply to ensure that food is dried from the inside to the outside.

However some fruits, such as berries, are not blanched before drying. Size of food pieces, relative moisture content of the food, and the method selected all affect the time required to dehydrate a food adequately.

Or, convert oven racks to drying racks by stretching muslin or cheesecloth across the rack.

Secure the cloth with toothpicks or long sewn stitches.

If weather turns rainy, you will have to complete the drying process using another method.

Heat all sun-dried foods in a 150°F oven for 30 minutes to destroy insects or insect eggs, which may be present on sun-dried foods, and to remove additional moisture in thicker pieces. (Source: National Center for Food Preservation.) Trays for oven drying can be built as described for sun drying; trays for oven drying should be 1 1/2 inches smaller in length and width than oven racks to allow air circulation.

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Cover and steam blanch for the required amount of time (see Tables 1 and 2). Wash, remove any damaged areas, and cut into even-sized pieces or slices (Table 1).