Deelishis dating

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Deelishis dating

But Deelishis wasn’t interested in joining the competition, she just liked the image and didn’t hold back in letting people know that. This time, however, folks said Deelishis is doing way too much and needs to relax a little.At the same time, others told her to stay completely clear of Sharpe and they saw her as a possible hindrance to his success.Sharpe co-hosts the popular cable show “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed” and has amassed a huge following by making off-the-wall remarks and expressing his love for women, Black and Mild cigars and cognac.“Leave the good brother alone,” someone told Deelishis.Since then, Stevie Jordan and Deelishis have been spotted out around the ATL area. However, Stevie shared a video of Deelishis promoting the event on his personal Instagram.

Now that he’s been seen out with Deelishis, The reality star-turned-Instagram sensation turned heads when she was seen getting very flirty with Stevie J at the Blue Flame Lounge in Atlanta, according to VH1.Stevie even posted a video to Instagram that featured Deelishis as she promoted his event.Now fans want to know if Stevie J and Deelishis are an item or if this is just a publicity stunt.“F— up somebody else life with the funbags.” “If he hasn’t made arrangements to meet you by now you should stop,” another person wrote.Sharpe hasn’t’ responded to Deelishis yet and seemingly still has his eyes on Nicole Murphy, who he expressed huge interest in a while back.

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As his fans are quite excited about his upcoming movies, so do they about his love affair. Are you willing to know about Laz Alonso girlfriend?