Death rate dating violence

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Death rate dating violence

Throughout, caveats are provided to make it clear where a comparison can be made and where it may be more difficult or not possible to directly compare data sources.Alongside this report we have published a Domestic abuse statistics – data tool that allows users to explore data for police force areas in more detail and compare these with similar areas within England and Wales.Over recent years there has been little change in the prevalence of domestic abuse estimated by the crime survey, while the number of cases recorded by the police has increased.However, the majority of cases do not come to the attention of the police, and many of those that do, do not result in a conviction for the perpetrator of the abuse.Similarly, data from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) should not be viewed in isolation.

This also means they may not necessarily result in a criminal justice outcome for the victim.

Cases may also drop out at any stage of the process.

The different datasets included in this report do not relate to the same cases given the different timescales and reference periods used to collect the data.

Domestic abuse is often a hidden crime that is not reported to the police.

Therefore, data held by the police can only provide a partial picture of the actual level of domestic abuse experienced.

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In the year ending March 2018, 76% of prosecutions resulted in a conviction.

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