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Deandating 2016 jelsoft enterprises ltd

So you have a large span to choose from in dating your kit--8 years : ) I'm lovin' my BRX in vintage sunburst... Check my sig I snagged a matching snare off Ebay a few months back, just keep checking every day. In 2003, MSX Masters Retro Spec, with 6 ply, 7.5mm maple shells in a retro-style Delmar covering was introduced.

Pearl never made half sizes unless the previous owner had really deep shells and cut them down.

I got them from a used music store so I don't know too much about them.

I have done the research I could on the forums though.

I think it is very unlikely that someone cut these shells down from a larger, original size.

I may have been measuring wrong, because I found a Pearl catalog from which drums like these would have been ordered, and there were no half inch depth options.

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In 2007, Masters was simplified into two lines: Masters MCX, and Masters MCX Premium.

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