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And if that wasn't hard enough to watch, Amy eventually relenting and getting her card out to split the bill certainly was. You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.Mind the gap between a bona fide conflict and a polite blow-off: "Blow-offs are all about why she can't do something," says one respondent."If she likes you, she'll mention that she's free another night, or propose her own idea." 54% of women say: Find a natural sequel to dinner.If you're uncertain, let her choose between a nightcap at your place or at a neutral location.Move to #4 67% of women say: The cleanliness of your bathroom is paramount."You'll set the tone from the beginning." Avoid projecting smarmy confidence, adds Amy De Zellar, a self-confessed "serial dater" and a blogger at Dating Twenty-six percent of women said it's fine to pop the question into another conversation."Too-suave come-ons are instant weed-out cues for women." Remember: You're confident, but not that she'll say yes. Move to #2 How to Recover More than 49 percent of women with "other plans" aren't just feeding you a line--they want you to ask again, right away.

Only 22 percent of the women we polled said they'd like your first move to be a spontaneous peck at the bar, at the restaurant, or even on your front steps.

Clearly reluctant to stick his hand in his pocket, Ash insisted to Amy that it's her call. This is so awkward," Amy told the camera while looking back on the date.

Related: Gogglebox's Amy Tapper reveals a dramatic transformation as she starts filming Celebs Go Dating Viewers were itching as the red-faced events unfolded, with many calling out Ash for his lack of first-date manners. Somehow we're not sure that's a question that'll be answered on a second date.

"That might work with some women, but it can be a turnoff for others.

But if he invites me up for a drink, I can feel out the vibe.

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