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All other text was printed in black ink, or stamped on in ink by the manufacturer (model and serial numbers.) 5-digit, or 8-digit serial numbers. Being a mid-year change, some continued on with the "Purple" label, though with the new serial number designation preceded by an "S" or an "E" This is prefixed by the serial number assigned to the instrument and followed by an ink stamp of the model number. L-R as seen through the sound hole: Serial number, "Brand," Model number.) The serial numbers on these instruments were often preceded by the letters S or E; e.g. It is currently believed that this transition was complete by 1979. From 1980 through 1983, prior to construction being moved to Korea, Sigma produced several models that included electronic pickups: SE-18; SE-19; SE-28; SEMC-28 (with arched back); and SE-36.

It being a smaller, local store, the instrument may have been sitting there for a while before I acquired it. Other Sigma instruments included mandolins, banjos, acoustic and electric Bass guitar basses and solid-body and Semi-acoustic guitar|hollow body electric guitars. Some solid body electric guitars were made by Tokai Guitars Company, LTD. Black binding (b/w/b/w/b.) Rosewood bridge (some 'ebonized') and fingerboard. However, while some models lasted the entire run from 1970 through 1983, others did not and were only offered for a limited number of years. Essentially a gussied up DM-18, the D-10 has a solid spruce top with "matched" (re: laminated) mahogany sides and back, rosewood fingerboard with diamond and square position markers, mother of pearl band inlay stating "Anniversary" between the 19th and 20th fret, tortoiseshell type pickguard and binding, and close-ratio tuning machines. Martin & Co., based in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, created a line of inexpensive guitars in 1970 to compete with the increasing number of imported guitars from Japan and elsewhere. This may be due to them being built in several Japanese factories at the same time with no coordination or tracking in the numbering system. In 1980 Sigma produced the D-10 Anniversary model to commemorate 10 years of Sigma production in Japan.

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After Sigma musical instruments were built in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and finally Indonesia, they were sent to Martin & Co.

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