Dating your boss speed dating in paris

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Dating your boss

I happen to love blues music and thought, "Another thing we have in common!

" When we got there, he went to the bar, got us drinks, and sat down next to me at a big banquet table.

Right after we ordered the next bottle, he got up to go to the bathroom, and I realized that I was pretty tipsy.

As we worked on the second bottle, we started talking about what dating is like in a big city, and I told him that I had recently broken up with my boyfriend.

I was immediately struck by how much cuter he was in person than via Skype (we'd only done video interviews up until that point since he was based in the company's Chicago office). Though I would have to be blind not to notice how attractive he was, I told myself he was off-limits since he was my boss.

During our first in-person conversation, Justin told me that the two of us would be going to a "get to know each other" dinner that night.

Maybe it was the wine or the personal conversation, but I could feel a connection between us. During my first weeks on the job, Justin and I talked via instant message and on the phone about his brother getting married, my sister moving to New York, and other details I wouldn't normally discuss with just any old coworker.

We had a client event planned for my first night in the city.

Then he casually mentioned that he had a girlfriend, and I thought, "Of course he has a girlfriend." I think if there were a larger age gap between the two of us, it would have felt weird to be drinking so much and getting so personal—but since he's only four years older than me, the line between boss and friend became blurry very quickly.

When I got home that night, I told my roommates that I felt like I had just had a great first date—with my boss.

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He said, "Yeah, some of my friends got married so they could have sex," Justin said. " He seemed to know he was suggesting something a little taboo because he said it quietly out of the side of his mouth.