Dating work colleagues advice

Posted by / 28-Oct-2019 21:39

The company culture of every office is different—some might jump for joy and shower you both with congrats—while others may freak out in a different way.You are the best judge of what kind of environment you’re working in.However, if you are seriously interested in dating a coworker, this article looks beyond the honeymoon period and gets down to the good, the bad and the ugly of the situation.Most people spend the majority of their day at work, and that’s why the temptation to start dating at work is so strong.These are the people you see every day, and chances are you have a lot in common; when you spend most of your time with someone, you often get to know them in quite an intimate way and create the type of chemistry that is hard to ignore. When you date a colleague, they understand the pressures of your job and “get you”.Dating someone who understands your demands and how work affects your time, is critical for a strong relationship.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution or exact science, but some general guidelines can be helpful when you let the cat out of the bag.It’s almost inevitable for you to be attracted to someone who gets this stressful part of your life.Other people would also say that an advantage of workplace romance is the safety of starting a relationship with somebody you already know rather than dating someone you met at a bar or a club.Now that you know all about the good, the bad and the ugly of office romance make sure to stay away from trouble and if you want to date your coworker always try to keep it professional, so you don’t get fired. In an age when our professional and personal lives are more blended than ever, it’s only natural that office relationships happen.

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Nevertheless, it goes against most Human Resource rules and can get you fired.

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