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As I said at the top of this article, the thought process to arrive at the conclusion that ‘fat guys are not attractive’ is the EXACT same thought process that a guy who believes he’s not rich enough, or not good looking enough, or not tall enough, or not the right racial background and so on goes through to arrive at their own limiting conclusions. Above is a simple diagram that explains how our thoughts and our beliefs create our life experience. Let me explain…(we gotta get a little nerdy here so you can understand, but I promise it’s worth it so keep reading)…

We actually use this same mental process when we happy with our results. Our mind has an unconscious mechanism (which means we don’t even realise we are doing it!

) that always looks for evidence that our current beliefs are accurate.

The intention of this is to stop us going crazy, but it can have unintended consequences if we don’t know about it.

Neither of these is for me because, to paraphrase George Washington, I learned a long time ago that I would rather be alone than in bad company. I get paid for some of my speaking and writing (and do both on a sliding scale to keep it affordable), but a lot of the work I do (like answering hundreds of request for help and support every day) isn’t paid so member support makes it possible (THANK YOU to my members, I couldn’t do this without you and I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support! I give talks all across the country about self-esteem, body image, health and wellness for people of size and more, and I’d love to speak to your organization.

It’s always interesting to me because, although fat or overweight men consider their weight to be the reason they are unable to attract the women they want, they actually have the same problem as a guy who believes he’s not rich enough, or not good looking enough, or not tall enough and so on has.

Women who showed up looking fatter than their photo had very different experiences.

Men told them that they were angry, that the date was a waste of gas and time, that they were married, and in one instance the guy went to the bathroom and didn’t come back. The Huffington Post piece points out that a study has shown that women who date online are afraid of meeting a serial killer and men who date online are afraid of meeting someone fat, that definitely seems to be playing out here.

Would the men’s behavior be considered an appropriate reaction?

At an event in Melbourne Australia, I was asked a very sincere question by an overweight man which really struck me and made me want to do everything I could to help.

This was his (paraphrased) question: “I’m not looking for a woman my size, but to get someone who’s probably not my physicality, but still attractiveness, but this is me at the end of the day, I’m not gonna go to the gym, I’m not going to try…I feel this is me.

It wasn’t a picture of a different person after all, it was a picture of the same person looking different than they do now in one aspect.

I don’t necessarily have answers to these questions but I think they are worth asking.

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I can also tell you from experience that even stating clearly that you are fat, complete with pictures of you hanging out being fat, .

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