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In 1922 a vanity bag, the “Picadilly”, was advertised featuring a miniature compact with a convex mirror built into the purse frame.It’s hard to imagine that the tiny mirror was very useful, but it was novel.They concentrated on changing the shape of the bags and frames and adding ornamental devices and gimmicks to maintain the public’s interest in the product.The “Safeguard” was one of those gimmick purses promoted in a 1921 ad.Consequently, documents pertaining to Whiting & Davis bags afford the most solutions to the mysteries of mesh.

Whiting & Davis designers were constantly attempting to meet that challenge by introducing new features and by altering the appearance of the bags.Many of these mysteries about mesh bags can be answered by following a trail of information presented in vintage ads, patent documents and old catalogs.Beautiful bags with striking, colorful designs made during the 1920’s and early 1930’s are the ones that fascinate so many of us.During this time many companies produced handmade mesh bags.However, making mesh and mesh bags by hand was very slow.

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During this period, there were also attempts to plate the mesh and impart finishes of different colors.

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