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Dating wheatstone concertina

Jefferys, Parade Street, Paddington, W.”—a doubly misspelled reference to Charles Jeffries, Praed Street.The later versions of Jeffries’ firm names have been found only in London post office and trade directories.The right-hand fingerboard consists of 3 to 5 rows of buttons arranged chromatically, and the left-hand side features bass and chords.These accordions are a popular choice for jazz, classical, and many styles of European music.from Castagnari, Saltarelle, Serenellini, Brandoni, Weltmeister, and Hohner.We cannot predict what used instruments will become available, but we usually have instruments available from those same makers as well as the occasional Paolo Soprani, Sonola, Titano, Petosa, Cairdín, Gaillard, and so on. Morse & Co., as well as Stagi, Concertina Connection, and various other modern makers.On the right-hand side, each row of buttons is in a different key.The left-hand side features bass and chord buttons.

Piano accordions feature a piano-like keyboard on the right hand, with chords and basses on the left hand.

So if there are any parts that you need that are not listed on the website, either email or ring me to see if I have them or can source them.

Come visit the shop to see our fine selection of concertinas, button accordions, piano accordions, and chromatic accordions.

Parts are supplied for all Victorian concertinas including bellows, pads, springs, valves, buttons, straps etc.

as well as materials such as binding leather and bellows papers.

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The C/G 30-button anglo concertina is a popular choice for Irish traditional music.