Dating website optimizer

Posted by / 20-Apr-2020 23:33

Dating website optimizer

I just think that the mindless swiping is a waste of my time and prefer to meet people in person.However, the problem with this, is that this strategy severely limits the range of people that I could date.

As a big-foreheaded, 5 foot 9 asian man who doesn’t take many pictures, there’s fierce competition within the San Francisco dating sphere.Transfer Learning using VGG19: The problem with the 3-Layer model, is that I’m training the c NN on a SUPER small dataset: 3000 images.The best performing c NN’s train on millions of images.If we think of dating as a “competitive marketplace”, how do you give yourself the edge over the competition?A competitive advantage could be: amazing looks, career success, social-charm, adventurous, proximity, great social circle etc.

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Then I scraped these images and used them within my dataset. The Classifier, essentially uses multiple positive/negative rectangles.