Dating violence workshop

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Dating violence workshop

On the Web, the user would need a computer with an Internet connection and access the course using the following: If using the course on CD, the user would need a computer with a CD player, only.

However, to receive credits from CDC, the user would need access to the Internet.

This training will take approximately 60 minutes to complete.

The goal of this training is to provide educators and others working with youth knowledge of teen dating violence and resources that provide evidence-based solutions to prevent primary, secondary and tertiary teen dating violence.

One of the best ways to learn about domestic violence is to read up on the subject.

Additionally, another way to learn about the needs of your audience is to go right to the source: ask the people in front of you what they’d like to learn about making good financial decisions Domestic violence is a phenomenon that affects every strata of our society.

Test the knowledge you’ve gained and reflect on how this information can be applied to your work with teens in a meaningful way.

You can do this by developing a working relationship, one where the participants know that you are there to help them with financial matters and answer any questions they have about personal finance.Help your listeners create a course of action with a spending plan that will help to build a financial foundation away from the relationship that has caused them so much grief.While it’s acceptable to speak broadly about domestic violence and the effects it can have on participants’ finances, try not to ask personal questions or veer off the topic of financial education.In order to continuously improve our materials, we invite you to give feedback about your experience facilitating your workshop(s).This is completely optional, and we will not share your contact information or use it for any other purpose.

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Economic control in an abusive relationship takes many forms, and gaining financial self-sufficiency can be the difference between staying in or leaving a violent relationship.

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