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Posted by / 13-Jun-2020 00:38

“Forcing batterers into treatment works for some, but not for most,” says Tania Tetlow, a former federal prosecutor, a law professor at Tulane, and director of the Domestic Violence Center there.

”We should offer all the treatment in the world in case it helps, but not instead of punishment as we tend to do now.""Swift and serious sentencing is important to decrease the incidents of domestic abuse," says Lisa Smith, a former prosecutor who is now an assistant professor clinical law at Brooklyn Law School.

Even though that number will fall over time, because of the recent progress, that’s still a whole lot of people—not just millions, but tens of millions.

While there wasn't complete consensus, five ideas kept coming up over and over again.

FVPSA is not a huge program: it doled out 0 million last year.

(That’s with an “m.”) And that level was actually a little lower than the previous year’s. Every year, the National Network to End Domestic Violence surveys local organizations once a year, to see how many requests for services they got—and how many they were able to fulfill—on that day.

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