Dating violence ncvc pdf

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Dating violence ncvc pdf

The Hotline is a resource for domestic violence advocates, government officials, law enforcement agencies, and the general public. Advocates receive approximately 21,000 calls each month.

The Hotline serves as the only domestic violence hotline in the nation with access to more than 5,000 shelters and domestic violence programs across the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U. The Hotline is toll-free, confidential, and anonymous.

Resources for teens involved in abusive relationships include the following: The National Domestic Violence Hotline 1.800.799.

SAFE (7233) or 1.800.787.3224 (TTY) Established in 1996 as a component of the Violence Against Women Act passed by Congress, the Hotline is a nonprofit organization that provides crisis intervention, information, and referral to victims of domestic violence, perpetrators, friends, and families.

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Love is Respect A collaboration between Break the Cycle and the National Dating Abuse Helpline, this web resource provides information and resources on dating violence and healthy dating attitudes and relationships for youth.

The site includes an overview of the issue (e.g., early warning signs, types of abuse, the cycle of abuse), quizzes for teens to determine whether they are experiencing or inflicting abuse, a live chat feature that connects youth with a peer advocate 24/7, videos, a blog, and more.

NCVC is the nation's leading resource and advocacy organization for crime victims and those who serve them.

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Dating violence is controlling, abusive, and aggressive behavior in a romantic relationship. It can include verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, or a combination.

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